How to care for your Hornworms when they arrive

A Hornworm's metabolism can be controlled by temperature, chilling them in your fridge will slow down their growth, while keeping them in a warmer location will speed up their growth. A good place you can put them to cool them down is on the door of your fridge for 8-12 hours, then taking them out. Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures will end up killing them. All Hornworm cups come with food included at the bottom of the cup, however, we suggest storing them upside down either over a ledge or with something propping it up to allow air in to prevent them from defecating in their food. Every few days you should take the lid off, and empty out the poop. 

Hornworms can live their life in the cup we provide. If you run out of food, additional chow can be purchased here. You should never, under any circumstances, feed them leaves from Tomato plants. This can cause the Hornworms to become toxic to your reptile. We recommend only feeding the Hornworm chow.

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