How to Care For Your Dubia When They Arrive

Dubia Care

Dubia Roaches make great feeder insects. If they find a way to escape in your home (they don't fly or climb plastic) they will eventually die, unlike crickets. They can not infest your house because they need high humidity and high heat (70-80% & 80-90F) to reproduce. 

Your roaches will arrive in a small cloth bag. This is the best way to ship them, as the cloth bag allows air to flow through. When you receive them, cut the zip-tie, and dump the roaches, and paper into a small 6qt shoe-box sized bin. Sterilite makes a great bin you can buy at Walmart for $0.99. Turn the bag inside-out, and lightly brush off any remaining roaches into the container. Then pick up the paper, un-crumple it, and lightly brush off any Dubia that are hanging onto it. The whole process should take roughly 3 minutes or less. 

To keep them alive long enough to feed them to your reptile, put them into a small, 6qt shoe-box bin, feed them fresh fruits, veggies, cricket food, or high protein dog food. Place a small piece of egg carton, or a paper towel tube in the bin for them to hide under. 

They do not need to stay in the upper 80's to survive, just to breed, so normal room temperature (72F) is fine. 

When you are ready to feed them off, simply pick up the egg carton (or paper towel tube) and bang some of the roaches into a separate container with calcium. Shake the Dubia around so they are coated, then you can dump them into your reptile's cage. 

If you have any other questions about Dubia care, please call us! We are happy to answer any questions you may have! (855)323-5655

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